About Higher Fulfillment

Katie Wenger
Founder & Clinical Director 

My Approach

Higher Fulfillment invests highly in achieving your desired outcomes. For the past 16 years, Katie has worked with individuals and couples to decrease anxiety, blend different personality characteristics, and enhance relationships. With a creative and structured approach to therapy sessions and relationship health services, positive outcomes have been secured with my clients.

How Higher Fulfillment Was Founded

Higher Fulfillment is founded on the belief that most relationships can improve with the perspective of growth and personal and relationship exploration on the part of one or all involved. We also believe that individual health and fulfillment needs to be a priority within all relationships. The therapy, consultation, and education services offered by Higher Fulfillment can enhance the strengths within and nurture positive change.

Founder and Clinical Director Katie Wenger experienced an early interest in the field of Psychology after an engaging high school course on the subject. She then followed that interest which quickly became a passion to Penn State University where she majored in Psychology and minored in Human Development and Family Studies. After learning from some innovative and highly experiences professors at Penn State, she focused her passion on developing into a career in therapy. Attending Temple University where she received a Master’s of Social Work degree, she learned further a broad perspective of the human experience and needs of individuals, couples and families and how to best support them. Shortly after, she earned her Clinical license and began working in the field of individual and couple’s therapy.

In her personal time, Katie enjoys time spent with family, watching the waves at the ocean or playing on the beach with her children, reading, and practicing yoga. Our life is ours to enjoy. Katie prides herself on this and invites you to find your enjoyment and peace on this path to your best life.

Higher Fulfillment focuses on:

Finding Peace

Making Mindful Decisions

Securing Your Mindset

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