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Do you have virtual and in-office sessions?
Yes, I offer both. Virtual sessions can be more convenient and provide an excellent level of service and support.

The value of in-person sessions is certainly understood and missed. However, the importance of health and safety dictating the use of masks by all parties during in-office sessions can impede part of the healthy process of facial expression and communication between therapist and client and between clients in couples counseling sessions. Virtual telehealth sessions can allow this emotionally expressive communication to take place in sessions and there appears to be an insightful aspect of seeing individuals and couples in the comfort of their home or office environments. If you feel that in-office sessions are best for you at this time, please know that they are available and I will do my best to facilitate communication and expression on all levels as always between therapist and clients and between clients.

Where is your office located?
My office is located at 418 Stump Road in Montgomeryville (right near Raymor and Flanagan). You will enter the building and take the stairs to the 2nd floor. When you reach the 2nd floor, turn left. My office is inside that door. You may take a seat in the waiting room on the right, and I will be out to greet you!
What are your hours?
Sessions are scheduled as needed. I can be flexible in terms of accommodating days and times. Please discuss the days and times that you may need during our initial phone call.
How long are sessions?
There are two choices of session length. Sessions are available for 50 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes. Based on your need, there are times that you may request the longer session or that we may discuss the need for a longer session. Generally, most sessions are 50 minutes, unless you request otherwise.
What ages do you see?

Mostly adults and couples. I do see adolescents from age 14 and up also.

What is the session rate?

50-minute individual sessions – $200
1 hour 40-minute individual sessions – $290
50-minute couples sessions – $220
1 hour 40-minute couples sessions – $315
The session fees apply to in-office, phone, or virtual sessions.
Paperwork and phone calls/emails are billed at the session rate.

Do you take insurance?

No, the practice is private-pay and out-of-network with insurance. Clients may be able to submit their receipt from the session to their insurance company for reimbursement for out-of-network services, if available to them and if chosen by the client. (See below for additional information that may apply in this situation.)


This can be arranged by talking with your insurance company. I do not submit paperwork or check benefits.
A full rate is necessary to provide you with the experience, environment, and attention that you deserve. Without insurance involvement, this further ensures your privacy as records cannot be requested from the insurance company. (If you choose to utilize your out-of-network insurance benefits, it is your responsibility to check with your insurance company about whether they can request records or a diagnosis. I will not release records to the insurance company without a signed release of information from you, which may affect whether you are reimbursed.) A diagnosis is not required when you are working with a private-pay therapist.

How do I schedule an initial appointment?
Initial appointments can be scheduled by clicking on “Schedule an Appointment”. You will then receive an appointment confirmation and a link to the initial session paperwork via email.
What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to reschedule, please call me as soon as possible. Unlike doctors who can overbook and may spend 15 minutes per patient, therapists need to block a full hour. Because I hold a spot for you, making it unavailable to another client and it is customary to charge full fee for late cancels, if less than 24 hours’ notice is provided, my policy is to charge the full session fee. All reschedules and cancellations need to be done through confirmed communication such as a phone call, text or e-mail.
If scheduled for couples counseling and one person is unable to attend, sometimes it is appropriate for the other person to attend to continue progress or to work on individual issues. You can consult with me regarding these situations.
Do you work with women? Men? Couples?
I work with women, men, and couples.
What occurs in sessions?
During a therapy session, we can address any thoughts or feelings that may have come up since the previous session or any immediate concerns. We also will work on continued goals and strategies, and check-in about progress.
What is your treatment orientation?
DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) is frequently used to increase the ability to tolerate uncomfortable feelings and be able to move past them with other activities. This has proved to be highly effective, and I utilize this with clients frequently.
CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) is what most people think of when they think of therapy. This is where the therapist helps guide an individual to their own solution, by using feedback and prompting further insight.
What is your professional training and experience?
I studied Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies at Penn State University and earned my bachelor’s degree. I then received my master’s degree in Social Work from Temple University. I pursued my clinical licensure in social work and earned this license shortly after. I continue to pursue an education in the form of clinical training and staying up-to-date on new treatment strategies and the needs of the population with whom I work. I have been working with individuals and couples for over 16 years.
What else does a client need to know to make the most out of their sessions with you?
Be open to change and able to be vulnerable with yourself. However, this is not easy and can be strengthened through our work together.
Embrace the person that you already are and what you know about your “core self.” Then, build upon that person to grow and strengthen into your “best self.”

Relationship Consulting & Courses

Can consultation sessions be individual or together with my loved one?
Relationship consultation sessions can be individual or joint. If you are unsure, we can discuss the best option for the present time.
What is the cost for a consulting session?
Individual relationship consultation sessions can be purchased individually at the rate of $150 per hour.
Joint relationship consultation sessions can be purchased at the rate of $170 per hour.
Packages are available for individuals and include 6 hours of consultation for $825.
Packages are also available for joint (2-person) consultation and include 8 hours of sessions for $1250.
If a package is purchased, sessions must be used within 6 months or the remaining sessions are forfeited.
Is consulting done via phone or virtual?
Consultation can be done via phone or virtual session. Virtual sessions are recommended to experience the benefits of communication fully.
How do individual sessions work if you do not work with the other person?
 Focusing on individual needs and how to communicate and express them can be very helpful.  Dynamics and patterns that you notice in a current or past relationship can also be processed.
How long does a course last?
You will have access to each course for 3 months and can log in and view the materials and videos as often as you’d like within those 3 months. You will also be able to schedule your feedback sessions at a day and time convenient to you within those 3 months.
What does a course cost?

The Strengthening Your Mindset course is $500 and includes individual course access and 2 hours of individual feedback sessions. The course is available for $250 with no consults.
The Better Together course is $700 and includes course access for both individuals and 2 hours of joint feedback sessions.The course is available for $475 with no consults.

How can I ask questions or receive feedback while I am working on a course?
You receive two hours of feedback sessions with each course and will be able to ask questions, review worksheets or concepts, and receive feedback.
Can I repeat a course, if I want a refresher or deeper study?
Absolutely, after your 3 month access ends, you can purchase the same course access at a 15% discount. This will not include the feedback sessions which can be purchased at the relationship consultation rates.
Katie Wenger Founder & Clinical Director

Better Together Course

Developed by Katie Wenger
Founder & Clinical Director

Six course sections to develop and heal your relationship and strengthen its uniqueness and values: Bad Habits Happen to Good Relationships, Circular Conversations, Don’t Blend, Eliminating Control/Power Struggles, Individual Integrity = Relationship Trust, and Find and Maintain Your Relationship Uniqueness. Each section includes videos, worksheets, and additional material. Interactive feedback is provided through personal consultations.

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