Meditation for Everyone

Katie Wenger
Founder & Clinical Director 

Often, people tell me that they have tried to meditate and can not because they can not clear their mind.  I explain that this comes from practice and consistent meditation and may take some time and patience.  Also, judging your meditative practice or someone else’s goes against what this practice is supposed to be.  It should be a space of non-judgement and peace.  If thoughts come and go, you can allow them to.  Listening to a guided meditation such as the ones found on Insight Timer that I post on my Facebook page can give your mind a focus and reinforce self-compassionate messages that you can then learn to give to yourself.  Think of listening to the voice of a kind parent or caregiver as they try to encourage your relaxation and positive thoughts of self.  

My favorite way to use Insight Timer is to select a time frame that is optimal for my schedule at that point in the day. I then look for one that seems to focus on what I need or the quiet serenity of a general meditative theme that will help calm me or focus my day.  If your mind drifts off to a topic of thought, notice it and bring yourself back to clearing your mind or listening to the voice of the guide.  Ground your body by feeling sensations in your body and how your body connects to the chair or to the ground beneath you. Be aware of how your physical body is connected to the Earth.  

Meditation is a time for you to “just be” with yourself.  This is time that no one else or nothing else can intrude upon without your permission.  You do  not need to be making lists or thinking a couple of steps ahead or making any decisions.  It is a break for your mind – allow yourself to have that and just be still. 

As I read on mindfulness and emotional health, the topic of technology and how intrusive it can be continues to be explored.  It is not healthy for our minds or bodies to be continually enslaved to answer that text or e-mail or view or post to social media.  This is one area where meditation can help how you feel and return to serenity. It is okay to be disconnected from others and alone sometimes.  I think that part of what binds us to these modalities of technology is our fear of being alone or forgotten.  There was a time not long ago that we did not have these methods of constant contact and it was okay.  Everyone was okay and friendships were maintained, family members stayed in touch, and people marketed their businesses.  Take a step back.  Most of what you think is benefitting you is not.  Nurture your body, mind, and spirit and success in business, friendships, and relationships will come.

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