The Danger of Self-Doubt

Katie Wenger
Founder & Clinical Director 

Self-doubt can be a debilitating feeling, and it is one most of us experience at some point throughout our lifetime. It can be a fleeting worry or a recurring presence, and the effects are dangerous regardless of the frequency. Today we’ll be discussing the origins of self-doubt in our thoughts, how it can negatively affect our psyche, and how to effectively eliminate it from our daily lives. 


Self-doubt can stem from a variety of experiences, often from childhood or early points in our lives. As individuals, we receive messages during our childhood from parents, caretakers, and other trusted individuals. These messages develop into your inner voice, often ‘speaking’ to us when making a decision or evaluating ourselves. If those childhood messages stemmed from negativity, or conflict with your wants and needs as an individual, this can result in self-doubt. 

There are other sources of self-doubt as well. If we are motivated by fear of failure, perfectionism, developing our emotional IQ, or prioritizing the opinions and wellbeing of others, this can lead to self-doubt when we fail to live up to the standard we set for ourselves. 

Negative Impacts 

The effects of self-doubt are varying, with some easier to recognize than others. Those affected by self-doubt often feel stuck, feeling unable to make decisions. Additionally, each choice is debilitated by overthinking, surrounding the individual with anxiety and negativity. Thoughts regarding career advancement or other major life changes are affected by this anxiety, barring progress both as individuals and professionals. 

Furthermore, when we prioritize and value others over ourselves, this can lead to unhealthy behaviors in our personal relationships. Those affected by self-doubt often make choices in their relationships that prioritize the opinions and wishes of their partner, disregarding or not communicating their own needs. This limits growth of both the relationship and the individual. 

How to Eliminate Self-Doubt

Eliminating self-doubt can be difficult, and it’s not an undertaking that will be won overnight. One of the first steps of overcoming this doubt is simply being aware of these thoughts. Recognize the self-doubt for what it is, and give yourself permission to release them. Self-prioritization is another important key. Recognize your individual wants and needs, create your own inner voice, and let go of the messages debilitating your progress. 

Another important step is to identify and communicate your boundaries to others, and stick to them. Your own happiness and wellbeing should always be the priority. Make sure to engage in activities that lead to a feeling of productivity and fulfillment, and utilize your personal strengths. To overcome the feeling of being “stuck”, it’s important to create and follow a decision-making process that works for you. At the end of each day, take some time to identify your wins, big and small, towards your progress as an individual. 


Self-doubt can hinder your progress as an individual and in your relationships, and can lead to unhealthy boundaries and choices. Embracing You can be your guide to honoring yourself and overcoming self doubt. Learn how to rewrite your inner voice, meet your needs, trust your intuition, and honor yourself within your relationships. Contact if you have questions or need guidance, or visit our website for more information. 

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