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Therapy and Psychoeducation

Unresolved patterns, experiences, and beliefs in our subconscious can impact our mindset and the decisions that we make in our life. Working through these challenges will put you at a better place, emotionally and psychologically.

Parenting in High Conflict Program

Repeating the same attempts to fix a bad situation doesn’t get you anywhere. Feeling frustrated, angry, and hurt is no way to go through life. Seeing your children effected deepens the wound.

Learn about high conflict and why it may be happening. Find the strategies that will work best for you even though you can not control the other person’s thoughts and actions. Gain the skills that you need to define life and parenting for yourself.


My Services

Convenient & Effective

Individual Therapy

As you make the decision to take charge of your life, the relief can begin immediately. This will only increase as you begin and take further steps into therapy, recognizing your strengths and building on growth. 

Couples Therapy

Couples’ therapy is about finding that communication and hearing an outside person’s perspective on your communication. It’s about becoming comfortable with the middle ground and embracing the reasons that you are together to begin with.

Relationship Consultation

Different from therapy, this is for those who are not ready or interested in therapy but want a question answered or need some guidance or resources. Find out how to make your relationship the healthiest and most fulfilling that it can be! 


Choose from the Strengthening Your Mindset or the Better Together course to guide self-exploration and discover healthier ways to enjoy life, within yourself and within your relationships.

Higher Fulfillment

About Higher Fulfillment

I believe in allowing the emotional space to secure a healthy mindset and choose how you handle life’s obstacles. More peaceful days can be in your future. You can make positive change with the right exploration and guidance. Higher Fulfillment can help you get there…to your best self and best life.


Featured Services

Better Together

The journey of a relationship is often filled with joy, life experiences, and some tough obstacles How you navigate that journey together takes compassion, understanding, and validation of your partner along with communication of how they can show this to you. This 6 part course which includes videos, instruction, and personalized consultation will get you to that peaceful everyday state where you can navigate life’s happiness and hurdles.

Strengthening Your Mindset

Your relationships in life are important but so is honoring and sharing your individual identity. Learn how to not lose sight of the “you” in your relationships. This 6 part course goes into detail with videos, instruction, and personalized consultation to create and maintain your vision of honoring yourself within your life connections with others.

Daily Affirmations

Many of us get stuck in a destructive cycle of dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future. However, it’s important to find ways to be happy with the present moment. That’s where we come in. Our collection of daily affirmations encourages a mindset of positivity, and serves as your guide on a journey towards fulfillment.

Virtual Sessions Available

Virtual telehealth sessions can allow this emotionally expressive communication to take place in sessions and there appears to be an insightful aspect of seeing individuals and couples in the comfort of their home or office environments.

  • Flexible sessions that fit your schedule
  • No need to travel and accessible where you are
  • Comfort in your own environment
  • Consistent and effective
  • Healthy and compassionate



"Katie really made both of us feel comfortable and secure with being able to speak freely about our issues we are both trying to resolve."

“Katie really does CARE about helping her clients! I always enjoy talking with her for the insights she brings to our conversations!”

“Great session. Katie really cares about her patients. Warm and compassionate and professional.”

“Beautiful and great therapist! She really cares about me and my difficulties. Very pleasant attitude, and serious when called for. Great human being!”

“Katie is a very outstanding and understanding lady. I believe she takes each person and treats them like a person and not just a patient.”

“Katie is a great person and a wonderful inspiration for me as well as for everyone who knows her! She is awesome!”

“Thanks for last night. We are looking forward to our next session in two weeks.”

“Katie is a wonderful listener, gives good counsel, and is thoughtful and punctual.”

“Today’s session felt so productive. We left feeling really good about it. Thank you, Katie.”

“ Thank you Katie for helping me to understand at least I need this and it can be helpful.”

“Second session and it was great!”

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