Couples Therapy

Find Relationship Harmony
Healthy and nourishing bonds can add so much light to our life experience.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is about finding that communication flow. It’s about becoming comfortable with the middle ground and embracing the reasons that you are together to begin with.
The busyness of your lives, the pressures from yourself and your partner, and the possibly unrealistic expectations of what your relationship should be cause conflict and doubt. Couples’ therapy works when both of you are open and invested in change and each person works to be better and make the relationship better.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

Clear Obstacles

In relationships, people face obstacles or go through phases as a couple or as an individual that affect the relationship. This can make the individual person feel very vulnerable. Most of the time, the couple is stuck in a power struggle that they don’t recognize or don’t know how to get out of. In couples’ therapy, clients can each have their turn to talk and be listened to. These conversations can be mediated by a therapist with each person encouraged to join with their partner and share emotions and find solutions.

Feel Engaged & Present

When the unhealthy patterns begin to clear, it is more comfortable to be “in the moment” with the other person. Being your authentic self in all ways and accepting each other will take your relationship to a level that you always hoped for. This paves the way for true and lasting love that forms a healthy relationship after the honeymoon and adjustment stages resolve.

Unconditional Bonding

To preserve the strength and intimacy of your relationship, you will need that place of pure connection. Removing all judgements, expectations, and desires to change the other person is what allows this to happen. Through exploration in couples therapy, you can find that intention and design how you will get there for each other.

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