Strengthening Your Mindset

Are you the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be?

We understand how it feels to be lost. Our individuality is often neglected in the daily grind of life and relationships. Strengthening Your Mindset can start you on a path towards self discovery and flourishing connections.

You are more than your relationships

Get Back to You

Learn more about yourself and how you relate to others.

Honor yourself and stay true to your unique identity.

Understand how you are an asset to yourself and others.

Gain a greater sense of peace and happiness throughout life.


Strengthening Your Mindset Online Course

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  • Introduction

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    Welcome to Strengthening Your Mindset. This free introduction will give you a quick look into our course and what you can expect as you start your journey towards self-discovery. 

  • Nurture and Embrace Yourself

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    If you cannot take care of yourself, how can you take care of those you love? This section will discuss ways you can break out of that cycle of self-neglect. By treating yourself with compassion, gratitude, and mindful intention, you can start a transformation towards self-love and acceptance. 

  • Rewrite Your Inner Voice

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    Our biggest critic is often ourselves. That “nagging” inner voice can be destructive, and letting it run rampant in our minds can send us spiraling on a path towards negativity, anxiety, and self-destruction. In this section, we’re helping you rewrite that inner voice. By promoting positivity, you can redirect your focus towards improving your life, health, and well-being. 

  • Meet Your Needs Internally

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    Do your needs get discarded in favor of accommodating others? While we’re often accustomed to meeting the needs of other people, we’re often clueless when it comes to our own. In this course, we’ll break down the steps to identifying, expressing, and fulling your internal needs

  • Unconscious Habits

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    Do you ever feel stuck? Our unconscious habits often control our lives without us even realizing it. Self-depreciation, people pleasing, victim mentalities, and cynicism are all mental habits that can prevent us from making progress. This section will help you uncover these habits, and start moving forward. 

  • Create and Maintain Your Vision of Honoring Yourself Within Relationships

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    Are you making sacrifices for your relationship, at the expense of your own happiness and individuality? It doesn’t have to be that way – you are more than your relationship! By honoring yourself and maintaining your individuality, you’ll notice growth in both your relationships and your personal life. Get started with this section to learn more! 

  • Intuition vs Not Internalizing

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    Every day, we make countless decisions that impact our lives. And when making split-second decisions, how can we tell the difference between that “gut feeling” and harmful internalization? In this section, we separate that distinction, and build the foundation for trusting our internal voice. 

  • Two One Hour Consultations

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    Have questions about the course? Struggling to find yourself? We’re with you every step of the way. In these two 1hr consultation sessions, Higher Fulfillment founder Katie Wegner will be your guide on your journey towards self discovery. Whether it’s fulfilling your needs, connecting with your individuality, or learning how to improve your own happiness, a better you is just a call away. 

Katie Wenger Founder & Clinical Director

Strengthening Your Mindset Course

Developed by Katie Wenger
Founder & Owner

Your relationships in life are important but so is honoring and sharing your individual identity. Learn how to not lose sight of the “you” in your relationships. This 6 part course goes into detail with videos, instruction, and personalized consultation to create and maintain your vision of honoring yourself within your life connections with others. Each section includes videos, instructions, and feedback designed to help you find and strengthen your individual identity.

Higher Fulfillment

About Higher Fulfillment

I believe in allowing the emotional space to secure a healthy mindset and choose how you handle life’s obstacles. More peaceful days can be in your future. You can make positive change with the right exploration and guidance. Higher Fulfillment can help you get there…to your best self and best life.

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