Fear of Facing Reality

Katie Wenger
Founder & Clinical Director 

“Before change is possible, reality must be faced and accepted on its own terms.” ~Darlene Lancer LMFT

Change is one of the main themes of therapy and can bring a great deal of satisfaction to someone working on personal growth.

It is probably the toughest thing for an individual to do, though.

This is partially because it is difficult to face and accept reality. Sometimes reality is not what we would choose for ourselves, our loved ones, or our lives. It is important to be willing to accept reality and welcome change when entering therapy.

That is not to say that every person coming into therapy has to be exactly at the point where all of this is possible but feeling willing to explore and eventually get to where they can change is helpful.Life is not always under our control. There are curveballs and there is the need to move forward with that “not-so-perfect” reality sometimes. You will have decisions along that path that can be yours.

Think of life as an adventure or a story that unfolds to you each day. We make the best decisions that we can and move forward.

About Higher Fulfillment

I believe in allowing the emotional space to secure a healthy mindset and choose how you handle life’s obstacles. More peaceful days can be in your future. You can make positive change with the right exploration and guidance. Higher Fulfillment can help you get there…to your best self and best life.

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