Mendi aims to drive brain health revolution by making brain training products affordable and accessible for home use. Mendi is a brain training device which enables users to measure, control and improve brain function. The easy-to-use neurofeedback headband measures brain activity in the prefrontal cortex, which users can then visualize and train in the Mendi app. Founded by Rickard Eklöf in 2018, Mendi is used by neurofeedback centers and researchers all around the globe. 

Katie Wenger Founder & Clinical Director

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How does Mendi work?

  • The Mendi headset uses fNIRS technology to monitor brain activity in the prefrontal cortex(PFC) by measuring oxygenation and blood flow.
  • Your brain’s ability to rewire itself and form new connections is referred to as neuroplasticity. Without neuroplasticity, it would be impossible to learn or otherwise improve brain function.
  • fNIRS neurofeedback is similar to weight training for the PFC in the sense that with repeated training – lasting neuroplasticity will occur.
    • Neurofeedback brain training has traditionally been used to treat unmanageable symptoms of ADHD, depression, and anxiety in
    • brain clinics. These treatments provide clients with an opportunity to manage their brain’s activity.

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