Return to Yourself Program

Return to Your Self Program

Do you:
  • Frequently experience SELF-DOUBT?
  • Have difficulty reacting in ways that aren’t to one extreme or the other?
  • Struggle to set boundaries?
  • Feel LOST in life?
  • Find putting yourself first uncomfortable and frequently engage in caretaking others’ emotions?


This 6 week program will help you learn to:

Affirm confidence in yourself and your decisions

Stop, breathe, and take time to react without self-judgement

Set your plan for communicating and enforcing boundaries

Create a clear view of who you are

Prioritize yourself and your needs

Katie Wenger

Founder & Clinical Director

This 6 week program will help you learn to:
Affirm confidence in yourself and your decisions, Stop, breathe, and take time to react without self-judgement, Set your plan for communicating and enforcing boundaries, Create a clear view of who you are, and Prioritize yourself and your needs.

Your relationships in life are important but so is honoring and sharing your individual identity. Learn how to not lose sight of the “you” in your relationships. This 6 part course goes into detail with videos, instruction, and personalized consultation to create and maintain your vision of honoring yourself within your life connections with others.


The journey of a relationship is often filled with joy, life experiences, and some tough obstacles How you navigate that journey together takes compassion, understanding, and validation of your partner along with communication of how they can show this to you. This 6 part course which includes videos, instruction, and personalized consultation will get you to that peaceful everyday state where you can navigate life’s happiness and hurdles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can consultation sessions be individual or together with my loved one?
Relationship consultation sessions can be individual or joint. If you are unsure, we can discuss the best option for the present time.
What is the cost for a consulting session?
Individual relationship consultation sessions can be purchased individually at the rate of $150 per hour.
Joint relationship consultation sessions can be purchased at the rate of $170 per hour.
Packages are available for individuals and include 6 hours of consultation for $825.
Packages are also available for joint (2-person) consultation and include 8 hours of sessions for $1250.
If a package is purchased, sessions must be used within 6 months or the remaining sessions are forfeited.
Is consulting done via phone or virtual?
Consultation can be done via phone or virtual session. Virtual sessions are recommended to experience the benefits of communication fully.
How do individual sessions work if you do not work with the other person?
 Focusing on individual needs and how to communicate and express them can be very helpful.  Dynamics and patterns that you notice in a current or past relationship can also be processed.
How long does a course last?
You will have access to each course for 3 months and can log in and view the materials and videos as often as you’d like within those 3 months. You will also be able to schedule your feedback sessions at a day and time convenient to you within those 3 months.
What does a course cost?
The Embracing You course is $1500 and includes individual course access and 2 hours of individual feedback sessions.
The Better Together course is $2200 and includes course access for both individuals and 2 hours of joint feedback sessions.
How can I ask questions or receive feedback while I am working on a course?
You receive two hours of feedback sessions with each course and will be able to ask questions, review worksheets or concepts, and receive feedback.
Can I repeat a course, if I want a refresher or deeper study?
Absolutely, after your 3 month access ends, you can purchase the same course access at a 15% discount. This will not include the feedback sessions which can be purchased at the relationship consultation rates.

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