Embracing You

You are on your way to becoming version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be?



Embracing You Online Course


Create and Maintain Your Vision of Honoring Yourself Within Relationships

Katie Wenger Founder & Clinical Director

Embracing You Course

Developed by Katie Wenger
Founder & Clinical Director

Your relationships in life are important but so is honoring and sharing your individual identity. Learn how to not lose sight of the “you” in your relationships. This 6 part course goes into detail with videos, instruction, and personalized consultation to create and maintain your vision of honoring yourself within your life connections with others. Each section includes videos, instructions, and feedback designed to help you find and strengthen your individual identity.

Higher Fulfillment

About Higher Fulfillment

I believe in allowing the emotional space to secure a healthy mindset and choose how you handle life’s obstacles. More peaceful days can be in your future. You can make positive change with the right exploration and guidance. Higher Fulfillment can help you get there…to your best self and best life.

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