Where to Start with Anxiety

Katie Wenger
Founder & Clinical Director 

Some of you may be waking up feeling anxious.

Others may have an encounter today that causes or contributes to feeling uneasy.

Feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of you or demands from others? Are you judging yourself and noticing some perfectionism?

Where you need to start to alleviate anxiety is with awareness of what is happening when it is happening. What are your most common anxious thoughts? What physical reactions do you notice? What behaviors most often occur?

Don’t become frustrated if you can’t identify anxiety as it starts, every time. Personal growth and new thought patterns take time.

Be patient with yourself.

When do you notice that it starts, your mantra needs to be to let it pass.

The more you worry about worry (ha,ha!) the stronger it gets and the longer it stays active in your brain.

Don’t give your anxiety power.

You can often come back to the thought or topic and figure out a solution if needed in one hour, two hours, or the next day. Take care of yourself and breathe through the stressful or anxious moment and put the thoughts to the side. This takes time to be effective, though, but the more that you practice, the closer you’re getting to changing your initial reaction to anxiety.

Let today be the day that you start your path to calm and peace.

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